Martin Avenue Apartments is a home for low-income seniors where they have convenient access to beautiful spaces where they can find respite and a sense of community. Our courtyard is one of them. Your name or organization will be displayed on a stone in our courtyard seating demonstrating your commitment to supporting community seniors.

Join Our Giving Wall
You or your organization will be honored on our wall


Martin Avenue Apartments is an exemplary community model with proven success in building and enriching a secure and fulfilling future for aging people. As a Community Partner you donate time and expertise to regularly provide a needed program for our residents.

COMMUNITY DONOR – Donate $1,000+ Annually

Martin Avenue Apartments is an ally for families with aging relatives and seniors of any age looking for a one-of-a-kind, welcoming, accessible, and flexible environment where they can live and thrive. As a Community Donor, you will be making a difference in the lives of our low-income seniors by supporting ongoing programs that address their basic needs such as food and monthly expenses.

SILVER DONOR – Donate $10,000+ to fund a new program or service

Over 75% of Martin Avenue Apartments’ total expenses are spent on the programs and services that benefit its residents. Join us, as a Silver Donor, in delivering exceptional programs and services in the areas of wellness, transportation, social services, and more.

GOLD DONOR – Donate $25,000+ to fund a new project

Martin Avenue Apartments is more than a building, it’s a thriving community. Your donation, as a Gold Donor, will fund a specific new project that will benefit all seniors in our community.

PLATINUM DONOR – Donate $50,000+ to expand our community

As a Platinum Donor, join us in planning for the needed expansion of affordable homes and programs to support community seniors.

For further information on projects and programs, please contact Mary Kerbs at [email protected].

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