Martin Avenue Apartments Celebrate

In March 1973 Martin Manor opened its doors, after ten years of behind the scenes work by residents and Naperville leaders.

“The project really began with the Naperville Ministerial Association and the Naperville Council of Churches,” said Rev. Kenneth Lehman, an early board member. “It was felt at the time that there was no low income housing for people. And Naperville at that time, according to a study in 1965 had 1600 people who were 62 or older and there was no place for them in Naperville.”

The early leaders understood the need to keep the elderly in our community and help those with disabilities. The Schillerstrom family has been a part of the board since the beginning, working to make sure to make the building the best it can be

“It was very important that we work hard to make sure elderly in Naperville can live as good as possible,” said Bob Schillerstrom, who took over his father’s spot on the board after his death. Schillerstrom’s brother took over his spot on the board.

Bev Patterson Frier currently sits on the board and knows it’s not just their work that makes Martin Avenue Apartments a great place to live.

“It’s just a happy place and I think a lot of that trickles down from the management. The management is very caring; the door is always open, the resident manager lives on the facility. So the people are very happy,” said Frier.

Louise Jacobs works hard to make the apartments a community for all those who live there.

“Our residents are warm and welcoming and that’s what makes this place so special,” said Jacobs.

Supporters of the Martin Avenue Apartments are hoping to keep this important asset in Naperville for many years to come. The board is considering expanding the property because demand is so high.

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